What types of bonuses are there and how to get them in Brazilian casinos?

Starting to play and use online casinos can be an incredible learning experience. Still, with the amount of games and options within each site, it can seem a little daunting to understand how each platform works.

The important thing is to understand that, although the options are many, in general, it is very simple to take advantage of the resources that a specific Brazilian online casino has to offer. One of these features, always present on the best and most interesting sites, is precisely the bonus.

However, when we talk about “bonuses”, we are not referring to a unique and immutable benefit, quite the opposite. In reality, we are talking about advantages that can be presented in many ways, depending on the site chosen to start playing and betting.

Types of bonuses at online casinos

There are some very popular types of bonuses in Brazilian casinos. The first of these, and perhaps most famous within the gambling community, is the welcome bonus. This, especially aimed at new users, generally offers very advantageous options for any newcomer to a platform.

Still, even though this is the most famous type, it is not the only one. Other types of bonuses can be presented in many ways. Some of them are thought of precisely as a way to attract new users. Others are offered as ways to maintain customer loyalty. In general, it is unlikely that one casino with a free bonus will offer the same bonus conditions as another.

Anyway, generally the most common bonuses at online casinos in Brazil are:

  • Welcome Bonus. Especially aimed at new users, this type of bonus can be acquired in a few different ways after registering. They can include both bonus credits and free spins on some specific games.
  • VIP/Loyalty Programs. Many online casinos offer special bonuses for their most loyal users. Generally, these bonuses are offered through promotional codes.
  • Cashback. Several online casinos already offer their bonuses through cashback. A modality that offers a refund of part of the deposited or lost amount to its customers.
  • Promotional Codes. Finally, it is also possible to find some bonuses through promotional codes, which are inserted directly into the websites.

How to get the main types of bonuses

Knowing the main types of casino bonuses is just the first step on the path to enjoying their benefits. Basically, there are some steps that need to be followed to be able to obtain and take advantage of each type of bonus. Look:

  • Welcome Bonus. The welcome bonus is, as already mentioned, intended for new users within the casino. However, you need to pay attention to some details on how to obtain it. Although it is usually possible to find this type of bonus prominently displayed on the home page or even in the promotions section, each of them may require a different action to obtain it.

For example, some online casinos grant a welcome bonus as soon as the user completes their registration. In other cases, the bonus may only be available after the first deposit, after activating the account (via an email address or cell phone, for example) or when contacting online support.

Sites that offer welcome packages, for example, give bonuses on the first deposits made by the customer. The quantity, on the other hand, depends on the platform.

  • VIP/Loyalty Programs. Many casinos offer bonuses and perks to their most loyal customers. In general, to have access to these types of programs you need to be invited after using a brand loyally. In other cases, it is possible to become a VIP by accumulating many points. Once VIP, the higher the level, the greater the benefits, including some exclusive bonuses at different levels.

  • Cashback. Typically, online casinos that offer cashback to their users offer a refund amount based on the losses of the week. Or even in the amounts deposited. This way, when you fit into the category, you can automatically get the bonus.
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  • Promotional Codes. Promotional codes can be entered into specific fields on the website so that bonuses can be activated. These codes can be obtained directly from casino websites, usually in the customer area or through emails, when there are special promotions or as VIP program benefits, for example. In some cases, they can also be shared as promotions on social networks.

They can also be found on online casino partner and review sites, or as rewards for review comments on specialized platforms.

Pay attention to the rules

In addition to the specific conditions for being able to find and obtain each type of bonus, it is very important to pay attention to the rules for using each of them. Bonuses often have a necessary number of times that you need to bet with it before you can withdraw it (called rollover). Or even a specific game where you will have to use your free spins. Furthermore, bonuses are valid, so it is necessary to take advantage of them during the current period. Always be careful!

Choosing the best casinos and bonuses

Finally, it is extremely essential to choose the best online casino and the best bonuses. The important thing is to choose a safe and reliable platform, always checking if the site has a legitimate license and encryption capable of protecting your data. Furthermore, the bonus has to make sense to the user. Even though an online casino benefit is great for one person, that doesn’t mean it’s good for another.

In any case, you can always look for the best online casinos today on specialized websites, such as onlinecassinosbrasil.com.br . Take advantage of the richness of the interface to your advantage!


Knowing, finding and getting the best online casino bonuses is certainly an important part of the experience of enjoying online gambling. Therefore, in this article we seek to demonstrate the best ways to identify them and take advantage of their advantages.

Still, the most important thing is always to choose the best platform for your own needs and expectations. Combining this with responsible gaming thinking and great discernment when it comes to taking advantage of the best bonuses, can guarantee a really healthy and profitable experience.


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