Ultra Hot – Game Review

The Ultra Hot game is a now-legendary production that has hit the lists of the most popular slot machines for 20 years. Nowadays, this name is less common, as the creators decided to renew it and adapt it to the current playing conditions. This is how the Ultra Hot Deluxe game was created.

In reality, it is the same production and the changes are cosmetic and unnoticeable from a gameplay perspective. We undertook the task of thoroughly testing the game. Below is our opinion and detailed conclusions on this flagship classic slot.

The slot does not have a theme. Instead, it is kept in the convention of a standard hot spot. There are fires everywhere, and the reels draw the fruit symbols and other popular icons that are familiar to all players.

After reviewing our review, any player is free to test the game in the form of Ultra Hot for free. We do not even require registration for this. All you have to do is click the launch button and you can play without any restrictions, using fictitious money. This is an excellent way to test the game, try out different strategies and solidify your conviction for further gameplay. In this way, you can make sure you want to play with real money in an online casino with great bonuses like in Slotozen no deposit bonus, which gets you a wonderful option of a game with free spins.

Ultra Hot slot – Detailed Slot Characteristics

The game has been developed in a very simple way. At least that’s the impression you can get from looking at today’s modern slot machines. Based on our experience, we can confirm that rather no one should have problems understanding the main principles of the Ultra Hot online slot machine.

It is a classic slot, which is based on the simplest mechanisms by design. All the winning potential here is focused on simple combinations, consisting of three icons on one line. There are five winning combinations in total. These are three horizontal and two running to opposite corners. Symbols are drawn on three reels. Each one displays three icons. This layout only allows wins to be created as three symbols from left to right.

It is worth noting how the bet value is set, as a two-parameter system is used here. We realise that nobody does this anymore today, but the game is more than 20 years old. Novomatic implemented this betting system for all its games from that time and to today’s player it may seem unintuitive. The parameters for setting a bet are: bet per line, coin value. The minimum and maximum stakes are 10 and 1,000 coins.

Despite its years, Ultra Hot game has a standard gameplay facility in the form of automatic play. This is very important for hot spots, as players often crank out up to several hundred spins per session at them. This is when the auto play option proves to be a lifesaver.

Ultra Hot’s graphic and sound design

On first acquaintance, what will turn players away from this production will certainly be the archaic graphic setting. It is static, you can see blurred flames in the background and the symbols on the reels, despite the high resolution, do not impress. In this respect, the passage of time is clearly visible here. Another issue is the soundtrack, which has been ‘lifted alive’ from real draw machines, evoking the atmosphere of playing in old-time arcades.

The game interface also deviates from today’s standards. It is very elaborate and initially unintuitive. However, after testing the Ultra Hot version for free, one quickly comes to the conclusion that these issues are of marginal importance. What matters above all is having fun, and that is the strongest point of this slot.

Ultra Hot – Game Developers

The game was developed by the Novomatic studio. The company has made a name for itself in the land-based casino industry and has ported its biggest hits to the Internet. Thus, productions such as Sizzling Hot, Book of Ra or even Ultra Hot online are generally available in online casinos. Novomatic’s games are characterised by a specific user interface that appeared with all the productions. Therefore, if someone is familiar with one production of this company, they should find themselves perfectly comfortable with the others.

Novomatic is definitely one of the most experienced companies in the industry, which took an active part during the formation of iGaming. Today, however, the manufacturer does not appear under this name, and all games produced to date appear under the Greentube name.

How the Ultra Hot slot is played

We realise that if anyone is turned off by this slot machine, it will be because of the overall quality of the visuals and interface. In reality, it’s the fun that counts above all, and that’s at the highest level here. That is why we have decided to present everything in detail, so that no one feels surprised and can get the most out of this production.

The Ultra Hot game interface is located at the bottom of the screen. It displays all the information related to the game and contains all the controls. The main text box tells what the player can do and displays the value of the prize hit. The smaller boxes represent:

  • Credit – the number of coins in the player’s balance.
  • Lines – the number of active lines (in this case, it is 5 fixed lines with no modifiers).
  • Bet/Line – the bet amount for each line.
  • Bet – the total amount of a single draw (number of lines times the bet per line).
  • 1 CREDIT – the value of one coin.

The Ultra Hot game contains only four usable buttons:

  • Paytable – switches the screen to the paytable.
  • Gamble – a feature that unlocks when any win is hit. Allows you to place an additional bet for the amount of the prize.
  • Autoplay – autoplay option with current stake settings.
  • Start – triggering a single draw of symbols on the reels after a set bet amount has been taken.

The most important button at the start is ‘Paytable’. Moving to the paytable, you can find out all about the potential prizes and learn how the only bonus feature works.

As you can see, the game looks more complicated than it actually is. Therefore, we always encourage the player to test the slot machine in the demo version.

Statistical return to player (RTP)

In our experience, classic slot machines are characterised by regular and high hits. Added to this is the low variability of results, which significantly increases the predictability of the gameplay. Therefore, the RTP plays a particularly important role in the Ultra Hot slot game.

The estimated return value in this case is 95%. This is a very good indicator. Especially in the case of a classic hot slot, where there are no special features and the entire potential of the game is focused on standard combinations.

Casino To Play Ultra Hot

Novomatic games only go to the best casinos in the industry. Therefore, if you want to play or check out the Ultra Hot slot machine, then you should check out this website. The portal has been in operation for a long time, has positive reviews from players and experts and, most importantly, operates under an official gambling licence. This assures the player that the games come from a safe source and offer reliable gameplay.

The library contains the biggest hits from the manufacturer Ultra Hot. If the player enjoys playing with this production, he or she is sure to find many other productions at least as satisfying. Of course, in one row with the productions from this provider, there are also hundreds of games from other top producers. As a result, there are always hundreds of popular slots, dozens of table games, or an extensive live casino.

Due to the fact that we are talking about a fully-fledged, licensed casino, the cash game is only available to registered players. This is an absolute requirement for anyone wishing to play the Ultra Hot slot for real money.

Bonus Game FeaturesUltra Hot

This is a classic slot machine, which by design is not supposed to offer advanced special features. Nonetheless, the creators have decided to introduce two options that will enable you to win bigger prizes.

  • Double prize – the ability to double your winnings from hit symbol combinations. To trigger this feature, fill the screen with nine of the same fruit icons (e.g. 9X plums). The game then awards wins for five paylines and doubles them.
  • Gamble – an option that unlocks when the Ultra Hot game displays any winnings. This is an additional bet for the amount of money selected. The player’s task is to indicate which colour the card drawn will be (black or red). A correct prediction ensures that the prize is doubled, while an incorrect prediction ensures that the prize is cancelled.

As you can see, the possibilities are not very complicated. All you need to do is simply spin the reels and the wins will come in simple terms.

General Information – Summary

Only free Ultra Hot games are available on our portal. Therefore, if someone already decides to play for real money, we encourage them to use the casinos offered on our site. These are verified and licensed sites that will ensure safe gameplay.

It is at first glance a very simple and undistinguished game that gains on closer acquaintance. Once the initial mixed feelings are discarded, what remains is incredibly satisfying and simple gameplay. We know from our own experience that, over time, the player starts to look around for just such slots. That’s why we encourage you to check out theUltra Hot game for free and make sure you do. It’s definitely worth it. The slot has been available for 20 years now and is still very popular.


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