Marketing Strategies Driving New Zealand’s Online Gambling Boom

New Zealand’s online gambling market is growing rapidly. A fast growth rate means every casino needs to market itself aggressively. Otherwise, it risks losing its popularity among Kiwi players.

The Internet provides a wealth of marketing opportunities for NZ online casinos. However, not every strategy works. Here is a breakdown of the most effective online casino marketing strategies in the country. Discover the techniques casinos use to create a huge demand for their platforms in Kiwi land.

Bonuses and Promotions

Nearly every online casino in NZ has a promotions page. Casinos use bonuses to create awareness about their brands to gambling fans. Promotions also create buzz and convince people to sign up for accounts.

The most generous gambling sites give you a bonus before even linking your credit card. They award you a bonus immediately after you create an account. This bonus allows you to gauge a website’s features, including security, payments, customer service, and mobile app.

Next, you can claim a deposit-based bonus that matches your first deposit up to 100%. Casinos love to give out deposit-based bonuses because they’re guaranteed to earn a paying customer.

While bonuses are great, they have terms and conditions. The folks at can help you find casinos with the best bonuses in New Zealand. The websites are genuine, safe, and reliable. They’re also packed with high-payout slots and table games.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based technique where marketers earn money by referring new customers to a casino. Most casinos pay marketers through commissions.

Some sites pay you 25% to 50% of the money a new player spends at a casino in your market. Others give you a fixed amount; say $100 for every new customer you help a casino acquire.

Online casinos love affiliate marketing because they pay money for actual results. With most marketing strategies, a casino needs to spend money before it earns any new clients.

Take PPC advertising as an example. Here, a casino has to spend tens of thousands of dollars to acquire leads on social media, YouTube, or Google. Sometimes an advertising campaign can work. Sometimes it can fail.

Affiliate marketing eliminates the risk of spending money on an unsuccessful marketing campaign. Casinos pay for results.

Influencer Marketing

More than 80% of online businesses have paid an influencer to promote their brand. In the US, online gambling companies pay millions of dollars for brand endorsements. Most casinos and sportsbooks work with A-list Hollywood actors and athletes.

In New Zealand, casinos usually pay for endorsements from YouTubers, bloggers, social media personalities, and athletes. Celebrities are excellent marketers because of their influence on people.

We’ll be honest. Not everyone buys something because it was posted by a celebrity. But many people do, especially young Internet users. A celebrity’s influence depends on their social media numbers. It also depends on what they’re famous for.

Twitch casino streamers are the best people to hire for gambling endorsements. Their fans are mostly gambling fans. They might not have millions of customers. But they have engaged customers interested in iGaming.


Blogging is one of the best marketing tools for an online business. Think about this. By posting content on your blog, you can attract new customers. You can also build a brand around your casino.

Creating content for a blog is easy. All you need is to find out the kind of content your customers expect from you. Many casino players like to read about new games, the best payment methods, bonuses, and innovations.

Casinos don’t need to spend a lot of money on a blog. They can work with freelancers for content creation. They may also require a couple of in-house employees to help manage the blog.

In this age of Search Engine Optimization, a blog is one of the best tools for growing a casino’s web reach. Blogging helps build a website’s worth to search engines like Google.

Google loves authoritative websites. It loves to recommend websites with valuable content that can help Internet users.

Email Marketing

Long before influencer marketing became a thing, email marketing was the coolest way to promote a brand. For the uninitiated, email marketing is the art of growing a company by marketing it to people via email.

Email marketing works. But you have to do it right. You must collect emails legally. For clarity, you need email addresses from people who are most likely to appreciate what you sell.

Many online casinos have two ways of collecting emails for marketing. First, they ask every new customer whether she’s okay with receiving gambling promotions in their email. Secondly, casinos can build email lists through their blogs.

Once you have a decent list of emails, the next step is to create great content. Email is only successful if your content is informative, persuasive, and relevant to your subscribers.

Social Media Marketing

More and more gambling sites in NZ are opening social media channels. Social media brings together millions of people, some of whom love gambling content. Because people love different platforms, casinos’ best strategy is to open accounts on all major networks.

Twitter is the most popular social media platform for casino brands. Instagram follows next, then Facebook and YouTube. Some networks tend to suppress gambling content.

As a result, gambling operators must be creative in how they promote their brands. Aggressively promoting gambling can lead to an account being shut down. However, providing informative content, and sharing memes and funny videos can get your account to go viral.

The beauty of social media marketing is that it helps you connect with your customers. When you post a new promotion, the content is viewed by people who love casino games.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing is vital for the success of online casinos. In New Zealand, many casinos market their brands through the channels mentioned above. Affiliate marketing and bonuses are the most popular strategies.

Almost every online casino gives out bonuses to attract new casinos. They also run affiliate programs that pay marketers up to $500 for every new customer acquired.


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