Dang Viet Bach – CEO Creating Success Of NEW88

CEO Dang Viet Bach of New88 is a talented leader who has shaped an outstanding path in the field of online betting. With the mission of bringing a reliable and quality betting experience to customers, Dang Viet Bach has built a vision and strategy to make New88 one of the leading bookmakers in the market. This article about CEO Dang Viet Bach will take you on his challenging and successful career journey, discovering the values ​​and leadership philosophy he brings, as well as his vision for the future of the company. betting industry.

Personal Profile of CEO Dang Viet Bach

CEO Dang Viet Bach represents the spirit of passion and achievement in business management and development. With a solid knowledge base and extensive experience working in the entertainment industry, he has built an impressive career as an excellent businessman and leader of New88.

  • Real name: Dang Viet Bach.
  • Year of birth: January 19, 1978.
  • Address: 42 An Duong 2, An Thai, An Duong, Hai Phong, Vietnam
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +84 0357117886
  • Website:

Dang Viet Bach is not only an excellent leader, but also a strong source of encouragement and motivation for the entire team. With dedication and strategic vision, he has shaped a direction for New88, ensuring that customers receive a reliable and quality betting experience.

Portrait of CEO Dang Viet Bach

CEO Dang Viet Bach’s Process of Building a New88 Brand

CEO Dang Viet Bach’s journey to building New88 is a success story full of challenges and commitment. Starting from a solid educational foundation and passion for the entertainment industry, he has perfected his outstanding leadership career.

Dang Viet Bach entered the world of online betting with the goal of creating a reliable entertainment platform for customers. He has focused on building an exciting business model that ensures transparency and fairness in every transaction. From this mission, New88 was born and began to explore the market.

CEO Dang Viet Bach has defeated all difficulties and challenges in the industry. He not only focuses on product and service development, but also puts first the ability to create great user experiences. He always looks for opportunities to innovate and improve, from applying advanced technology to building a professional and dedicated team.

Dang Viet Bach has built a strong corporation, with a vision of sustainable development and the ability to create value for the community. With a focus on customer support and doing the right thing, he has shaped New88 into a trusted and thriving brand in the fiercely competitive environment of the online betting industry.

CEO Dang Viet Bach’s journey to building New88 is an excellent example of vision, determination and leadership in this industry.

Outstanding Contribution at New88

Since taking on the role of CEO of New88, Dang Viet Bach has made many groundbreaking improvements, bringing the company to a new level. Under his leadership, New88 not only expanded its scale of operations but also improved service quality, best meeting the needs of players.

Diverse product development: Mr. Bach has invested heavily in developing diverse betting products, from sports, online casino, to e-sports games, to bring players the best experience. richest and most interesting.

Application of advanced technology: New88 is always at the forefront of applying the latest technology to its system, ensuring maximum safety and security for users.

Excellent customer service: Under the direction of Mr. Bach, New88 has built a professional customer care team, always ready to support players 24/7.

Leadership style

Dang Viet Bach is known for his decisive, creative and humane leadership style. He always encourages innovation in work and creates the best conditions for employees to develop comprehensively. With the philosophy “People are the most valuable asset”, he always puts the interests of employees first and builds a corporate culture of solidarity and attachment.

CEO’s confident leadership style

Future Vision

Dang Viet Bach constantly sets higher goals for New88. He aims to expand international markets, improve service quality and develop more new products, to bring the best values ​​to players. Continuous innovation and commitment to quality are key factors that help New88 maintain its competitive position and sustainable development.


CEO New88 Dang Viet Bach is not only a talented leader but also a strong inspiration. With his strategic vision, unique leadership style and tireless contributions, he has been affirming his important role at New88. His success is not only personal pride but also a great motivation for the entire team and business community.


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