POSApt vs Ordermate: Features, Pricing & Merchants

Ordermate and POSApt are both popular choices for hospitality owners in Melbourne, thanks to their local presence and user-friendly design. Both companies, headquartered in Melbourne, offer tailored solutions that cater specifically to the needs of the hospitality industry. Their intuitive interfaces, combined with robust feature sets, make them ideal for cafes, restaurants, and bars looking to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. As locally based providers, they also offer excellent support and understanding of the unique challenges faced by hospitality businesses in the region.



POSApt is known for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality. Some of its standout features include:

1. Inventory Management

POSApt offers detailed inventory tracking, automatic stock level updates, and low-stock alerts, ensuring businesses can manage their inventory efficiently.

2. Sales Reporting and Analytics

The system provides comprehensive sales reports and analytics, giving businesses insights into sales trends, peak hours, and product performance.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

POSApt includes CRM tools that help businesses manage customer data, track purchase histories, and create personalised marketing campaigns.

4. Multi-Device Compatibility:     

POSApt is compatible with various devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers, providing flexibility for different business setups.

5. Integration Capabilities

It integrates with various third-party applications, such as accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and payment gateways, enhancing its overall functionality.


Ordermate is a comprehensive POS system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Its key features include:

1. Table Management

Ordermate offers advanced table management features, allowing restaurants to optimise table turnover and manage reservations efficiently.

2. Order Customisation

The system supports detailed order customisation, catering to specific customer preferences and dietary requirements.

3. Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Ordermate’s KDS ensures seamless communication between the front of house and kitchen staff, reducing order errors and improving service speed.

4. Loyalty Programs

Ordermate includes built-in loyalty program features that help businesses reward repeat customers and encourage customer retention.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Similar to POSApt, Ordermate provides in-depth reporting and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions.

6. Integration with Delivery Platforms

Ordermate integrates with popular food delivery platforms, making it easier for restaurants to manage online orders and deliveries.



POSApt offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate businesses of different sizes. The pricing structure includes:

Free POS Plan for Hospitalities: 

POSApt offers a Free POS for hospitality that allows businesses to start using its robust features without any upfront cost. This plan includes essential tools for managing sales and operations, with the only charge being a merchant fee applied to transactions. This makes it an attractive option for startups and small businesses looking to minimise initial expenses while still benefiting from a comprehensive POS system.

Hospitality POS: 

Ideal for businesses looking to streamline operations and provide faster service. Priced at $66 per month (including GST), this plan includes a cloud-based POS and a mobile app for reporting.

POS & Online Ordering

A comprehensive bundle that includes POS and online ordering features, perfect for small businesses. Priced at $185 per month (including GST), it includes a cloud-based POS, mobile app for reporting, online ordering system, QR code ordering, payment integration of your choice, and a WordPress website. 

Online Ordering Only

Designed for growing hospitality businesses focusing on online expansion. Priced at $119 per month (including GST), it includes an online ordering system, payment integration of your choice, loyalty programs, gift cards, email marketing, and a free WordPress website.

Retail POS

Ideal for small retail businesses looking to streamline operations. Priced at $99 per month (including GST), this plan includes a cloud-based POS and a mobile app for reporting.

E-Commerce Only

Perfect for retail stores aiming to amplify their online presence. Priced at $199 per month (including GST), it includes an e-commerce website, payment integration of your choice, loyalty programs, gift cards, email marketing, and a mobile app for reports. 

POS & E-Commerce

A bundle including both POS and e-commerce features, ideal for retail businesses looking to streamline their operations. Priced at $298 per month (including GST), it includes a cloud-based POS, mobile app for reports, an e-commerce website, and payment integration of your choice.


Ordermate does not publicly list fixed pricing on their website as their costs are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each business. Pricing typically varies depending on the size of the operation, the number of terminals needed, and any additional features or integrations required. Potential customers are encouraged to contact Ordermate directly to receive a customised quote based on their individual business needs. Additionally, Ordermate provides a free demo upon request, allowing businesses to explore the system’s capabilities before committing to a purchase.



POSApt caters to a wide range of merchants, including:

1. Retail Stores

From small boutiques to large retail chains, POSApt’s inventory management and sales reporting features make it an excellent choice for retail businesses.

2. Cafes and Bakeries

POSApt’s user-friendly interface and CRM tools help cafes and bakeries manage customer orders and build lasting customer relationships.

3. Service-Based Businesses

Hair salons, spas, and other service-based businesses can benefit from POSApt’s appointment scheduling and employee management features.

4. E-commerce Stores

With its integration capabilities, POSApt is a suitable choice for e-commerce businesses looking to streamline their operations.


Ordermate is specifically designed for the hospitality industry and serves the following types of merchants:

1. Restaurants

Ordermate’s table management, KDS, and order customization features make it an ideal solution for full-service restaurants.

2. Bars and Nightclubs

With its loyalty programs and detailed reporting, Ordermate helps bars and nightclubs manage customer preferences and optimise operations.

3. Cafes and Quick-Service Restaurants

Ordermate’s integration with delivery platforms and advanced reporting tools make it a great fit for cafes and quick-service restaurants.

4. Catering Services

Catering businesses can benefit from Ordermate’s order customization and CRM features to manage large-scale events and customer relationships.


Choosing between POSApt and Ordermate depends largely on the specific needs and industry of your business. POSApt offers a versatile solution with robust features suitable for a variety of merchants, including retail stores, service-based businesses, and e-commerce stores. Its flexible pricing plans make it accessible to businesses of different sizes.

On the other hand, Ordermate is tailored for the hospitality industry, offering specialised features like table management, KDS, and integration with delivery platforms. Its pricing structure caters to small cafes, medium-sized restaurants, and large hospitality chains, making it a strong contender for businesses in this sector.

Both systems provide excellent functionality, comprehensive reporting, and integration capabilities, ensuring that businesses can optimise their operations and enhance customer experiences. By carefully evaluating your business needs and comparing the features and pricing of each system, you can make an informed decision that will support your business’s growth and success.


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