Buying Guide for Different Types of Sunglasses Lenses

Sunglasses Lens

Sunglasses make our life easy and comfortable when we are out on a trip or long holidays. They are sure to offer significant protection from the UV light of the sun. If you stay out on a bright sunny day without any protection to your eyes the sun’s harmful rays can cause damage to upper surface of your eyes. These rays increase the risk of eye diseases, headaches, allergies or cataracts in the long run. Therefore, choose the eyewear that comes with lenses such as polarized lenses to shield your eyes for better vision.

Different Types of Lenses for Sunglasses:

The Oliver Peoples glasses lenses are specially designed and categorized into the following types as mentioned below:

Polarized Lenses:

They are specialized in reducing the bright glare you sometimes experience, even when wearing your sunglasses. They are designed to block light reflecting off things like water, glass or metal, which results in glare harmful for your eyes. The polarized lens coating reflects the light for UV protection, so these types of goggles are suitable for almost anyone who loves to spend quality time outdoors.

Mirrored Lenses:

Though these lenses are coated to control light, they work in a pretty different way. With mirrored-coating glasses, you are safe under the sun in daylight as they dampen the amount of light that comes into the range of the lens by creating a mirror effect. It thus works as a shield reflecting light outside the lens. Pair these lenses for a stylish look when engaged with outdoor activities.

Photochromic Lenses:

Invest your money in single goggles without the need to buy two pairs of specs when you can just have one. Photochromic lenses come with dual action as these lenses get darkened when exposed to UV light and become light in low light conditions. These lenses are perfect specs for those who want to switch between Oliver Peoples glasses and regular eyewear instead of buying two separate pairs of glasses. If you are a bookworm, then opt for prescription photochromic lenses, as they give flexibility to switch between sunglasses as well as your reading glasses at the same time.

Gradient Lenses:

Gradient lenses come with a tint of colored coating from a dark to lighter transition. They are perfect glasses to wear for those who have sensitive eyes and require maximum protection from bright light with clear vision. Everybody can use these lenses that are available in many colors, styles, and shapes, to elevate their look with comfort.

Prescription Lenses:

Prescription sunglass lenses are specially designed to offer both features that include vision improvement and protection from dust, UV light and dirt. Enjoy the dual action of prescription glasses even when you have a good sight.

A few factors to consider when buying sunglasses with lenses:

When buying goggles one must always consider their size. It is essential to choose glasses that offer more coverage to your eyes and protect them in all ways when exposed in daylight in extreme summer. Therefore, always try to choose bigger polarised sunglasses that are oversized and perfect wraparounds to offer full coverage around the temples to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Another major factor for consideration while buying eyewear is checking for the quality of lenses. We know that regular wear glasses are different from sunglasses. So make sure you thoroughly check for the quality of lenses, like how durable they are, material type and tint of your specs.

Today there are many color options available to buy sunglasses for lenses. The gray, brown, green, or pink lenses have nothing to do with light blockage. Such glasses are best for players or sports enthusiasts as they enhance their visual contrast while playing sports like baseball or golf.

Don’t spend a hefty amount on specs just to style, but ensure that they best protect your eyes. It is a waste of money if you don’t look for the quality standards for which purpose you are getting them. Because sometimes cost is never a factor, as less expensive sunglass lenses offer desired UV protection than the costlier ones. Seek the advice of your ophthalmologists, who can help you wear the right spectacles whenever you need to go out on a sunny day.

It is always advisable to buy glasses that suit your lifestyle. Whether you want them for general purposes or sports athletes, they should serve you the need. Always check what makes them good for outdoor activities.

Remember not to forget about the size and shape as they should make you feel good when on. Don’t buy the glasses blindly and see what your face resembles, like a round, an oval, rectangle, a square shape or a heart-shaped face. Your glasses should balance your facial features and draw attention to them too.


There are various types of lenses for polarised sunglasses available on the market, each known for its own unique features and benefits. The type of lens you choose depends on your specific needs and preferences. When buying sunglasses, it’s important to consider for which purpose you are choosing them as the intensity of light your eyes get exposed to can be harmful and should meet your visual needs in the right sense. Go through the wide range of lenses available to find the perfect specs!


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