Top 5 Players in the Frauen Bundesliga TOTS for EA Sports FC 24

The FC 24 Frauen Bundesliga has finished another thrilling season and EA Sports FC 24 is recognizing the top performers with its Team of the Season (TOTS) list. In this article, we will give you a summary of the five players you should look at for your Ultimate Team.

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1. Alexandra Popp (ST) – VfL Wolfsburg (OVR: 97)

Alexandra Popp is the one with the most experience. Her 33 years old may seem much but it does not affect her skills – she keeps a strong hold on her abilities. The overall rating of 97 shows that Alexandra Popp has good skills and is an expert in finesse shots, power shots, quick movements, and acrobatics. Popp, who can finish in different ways, is a solid striker. (Price: PS – 1.4 million, PC – 1.6 million)

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2. Ewa Pajor (ST) – VfL Wolfsburg (OVR: 93)

Ewa Pajor is another goal-scoring machine from VfL Wolfsburg. Her playstyle is diverse, incorporating strength (power shots) and finesse (finesse shots), excellent first touches, and trickery. With a 93 overall rating after the FC 24 TOTS upgrade, Pajor is a menace in the box and a valuable addition to any attack. (Price: PS – 73.5k, PC – 74.5k)

3. Lea Schüller (ST) – FC Bayern Munich (OVR: 95)

Lea Schüller has been a revelation for Bayern Munich as a center forward. Her finishing is top-notch (finesse shots, power shots, power headers), and she’s no slouch with passing. Boosted to a 95 overall rating, Schüller offers a complete attacking package, creating and scoring goals with equal effectiveness. (Price: PS – 73.5k, PC – 74.5k)

4. Merle Frohms (GK) – VfL Wolfsburg (OVR: 90)

An outstanding goalkeeper is always needed in a team, and Merle Frohms is just that. Her reaction time (70.2% save percentage) shows she has fast reflexes, while her capacity to distribute the ball (93% passing accuracy) proves she can start plays for her team from deep within their territory. With a TOTS upgrade of a 90 overall rating, Merle becomes even more dependable as an anchor point between posts. (Price: PS – 19k, PC – 20k)

5. Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir (CB) – FC Bayern Munich (OVR: 93)

FC Bayern Munich has more TOTS standouts with Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir. She is solid in the middle as a defender, doing well at stopping passes, winning fights in the air, and blocking attackers who come alone. Her 93 rating overall shows how much she controls defenses for any team that wants to make their backline stable. (Price: PS – 29.7k, PC – 28.2k)


The Frauen Bundesliga TOTS list in EA Sports FC 24 is packed with talent. Whether you prioritize a clinical finisher like Popp or Schüller, a reliable shot-stopper like Frohms, or a defensive rock like Viggósdóttir, there’s a player here to elevate your Ultimate Team. So, analyze your squad’s needs, consider your playstyle, and snag these high-performing Frauen Bundesliga stars to dominate the competition.


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