What is odd even odds? Tips for checking odd even odds at Bookmaker New88

Longtime soccer bettors are no strangers to the concept of odd-even odds, everyone has even played it at least once. This type of bet is easy to play, has a high probability of winning, as long as you know how to think, you can be sure to “win” any bet. In the article below, New88 will explain odd even bet What is this, revealing some good betting tips for newbies.

Find out what is odd even odds?

Odd-even betting in football is understood in a simple sense as the final result that determines victory or defeat based on whether the number of goals is odd or even. In particular, placing an even bet is an estimate of the number of goals on 0, 2, 4, 6… whereas on an odd bet, the number of goals will be 1, 3, 5, 7… Equivalently, if you participate in this bet, the winning rate is 50:50.

Like most types of bets, soccer betting odds are displayed by Bookie New88 to players betting on the first half, second half or the entire match. However, this is not the main bet, so it often appears in the extension section, helping players “return to the bank” if the initial bet result is not satisfactory.

Extremely accurate guide to betting on football odds at New88

Each bookmaker will have different betting tables and odds. At New88, the odds are constantly updated and carefully calculated to benefit the player. The specific example of the match below will help you compare odds easily.

The match took place within the framework of the European Cup, between Leganes and Real Madrid, with a stake of 1 million VND. The payout ratio for even bets is 0.98, for odd bets is 1. The final results fall into the following two specific cases:

  • You bet on the whole match: If the final score is 4, the player who bets even will win. Total winnings = 1.98 x 1 million VND = 980K, otherwise if you get an odd number, you lose the bet.
  • You place an odd bet on 1 half: If you place an even bet, at the end of the 1st half the score is even then you win the bet, total winnings = 1 x 1 million VND = 1 million VND, otherwise if the goal is an odd number then lose.

The types of even and odd odds “attract players” the most today

Currently, at New88 Bookmaker the most popular types of odd even bets, favored by many bettors include:

  • Odd/odd bet: home team and away team goals are both odd numbers.
  • Odd/even bets: home team goals are an odd number, away team goals are an even number.
  • Odd/even bet: home and away team goals are both even numbers.
  • Odd/even bets: home team goals are an even number, away team goals are an odd number.
  • Bet on the total number of yellow cards drawn during the match.
  • Bet on the total number of corner kicks in the match.
  • Bet on the number of Penalty shots in the match.

In addition, there are many different versions of odd-even odds depending on the betting table offered by the house. Players need to closely monitor the football match, analyze the situation and choose the most profitable bet.

Tips for playing odd even bets with high winning rates

Odd even odds in soccer are considered the easiest to play, with high winning rates without needing too much knowledge. However, to quickly “receive” huge rewards, you should pocket some ways to play odd-even betting below:

Find out the status of 2 teams

Before placing bets, players need to specifically analyze the situation of the two teams and their abilities at the table to choose the appropriate bet. For example, if two teams are both big names, have a strong defensive style of play, score few goals and do not have too many assists in the match, predicting parity will be simpler.
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On the contrary, if 2 teams have a big difference in performance, 1 team is at the top of the table, 1 team is at the bottom of the table, the number of goals scored is more difficult to predict, making it difficult for you to play an even bet.

Based on the House’s handicap

Bookmaker New88 always updates soccer handicaps continuously, with full analysis information from experts to predict whether the final number of goals will be even or odd.

Double bets to win huge bets

Playing double is a familiar secret that every bettor knows. If applied correctly to odd even odds, you will win bigger bets. The winning rate when participating in even and odd bets is up to 50%, so new players can try it out.

Learn playing tips from betting experts

At the New88 soccer playground, there are always experienced players present, predicting results like gods so that you can easily learn and choose the correct bets. To determine who is a veteran player and wins a lot, players can find out directly on the house’s payout history table.

With detailed information about odd even bet, the way to play shared by New88 above, you can rest assured to “win” all good bets, earning big bonuses. If you have time, don’t forget to directly experience sports betting games and super hot card games at New88.


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