What is Handicap odds – Instructions for reading and calculating Handicap odds

Those who enter the world of betting or are football enthusiasts are probably no stranger to the concept of “Handicap odds”. But especially for newcomers, it is extremely important to learn about it carefully before placing a bet. So what is Handicap Betting? How to calculate and read odds? We invite readers to follow along in detail in my article Kubet.

What is Handicap betting? 

What is Handicap betting? In Vietnam, players often call Handicap betting “handicap betting”. It is shown through the numbers provided by the house and the winning or losing decision is based on the difference in the number of goals between the two teams participating in the same match. To create handicaps, Asian online bookmakers often rely on odds from European matches. 

They then adjust the bet levels to suit the needs of betting members. However, to win in this type of bet, players need to learn carefully about how to play, betting rules, how to calculate bonuses, and gain practical experience.

The reason why Handicap bets are popular with bettors 

What is the factor that makes Vietnamese bettors prefer Handicap betting? This is more of a bet than any other type of bet. Below, we will focus on the two main reasons that make this bet so popular:

  • Simple calculation, balanced win/loss ratio: Handicap is very easy to understand and calculate. The win/loss ratio is usually set quite balanced, giving experienced players a high chance of winning and making money from the house.
  • Easy win or payback when combined with Handicap bets: Handicap bets allow players the opportunity to win or ensure payback by combining with Vibration bets during the match. This creates flexibility and great opportunities for profit for players.
  • Brings the fun: Handicap betting adds excitement to the football match, as players need to follow the match with the aim of betting intelligently and even participate in Handicap betting to optimize their chances of winning.

Specifically, how to read and calculate Handicap odds?

Before starting to participate in handicap betting, master how to read and calculate winnings and losses for each type of Handicap bet below:

Ball Odds (0.0)

Football betting requires players to choose the team they trust. If that team wins, you will receive a bonus, otherwise if you lose, you will lose the bet. If the result is a draw, the entire bet will be refunded.

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Handicap 0.25

After understanding what the Handicap bet is, players must also know how to read the 0.25 handicap, this is called the half-ball handicap. The favorite team must win by at least 0.25 goals for you to receive half the bonus. If you pick the underdog and that team wins, you get half the bonus. In case of a draw, the upper hand loses half the money and the lower hand receives half the prize.

Handicap 0.5

The 0.5 handicap requires the favorite team to win by at least 0.5 goals. The way to calculate the bonus is similar to the 0.25 handicap.

Handicap 0.75

The 0.75 handicap requires the favorite team to win by at least 0.75 goals. If you choose the upper hand and that team wins by at least 2 goals, you receive the full bonus

Handicap 1

Handicap 1 requires the favorite team to win by at least 1 goal. In case the final result is a draw, you will receive a refund. When the difference is 2 goals, the player who placed the upper bet will receive the full bonus. However, if the underdog wins or draws, the overplayer will lose all of their initial bet.

Handicap 1.25

The 1.25 handicap requires the underdog to win by at least 1.25 goals. If you choose the upper bet and that team wins by at least 2 goals, you will receive the full bonus. But on the contrary, when the underdog concedes less than 1 goal, the person who placed this bet will receive the entire bonus.

What new players need to remember when betting on Handicap Handicap?

Once you understand what Handicap betting is and know how to read and calculate common handicaps, then if you want to win big, you need to refer to some important notes to minimize losses, specifically as follows: 

  • Master your knowledge: Before placing a bet, master the knowledge of the team, competition history, and current performance of both teams.
  • Understanding handicaps: This includes understanding handicap levels such as 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, and the rules for calculating winnings and losses corresponding to each handicap level.
  • Consider the handicap situation: Consider whether the top team or the underdog team has an advantage in the handicap situation. If the favorite team is accepting a large handicap and has an advantage in form, you need to consider carefully before placing a bet.
  • Monitor odds fluctuations: Regularly update information about odds fluctuations from different bookmakers. These changes can reveal the betting trends of the majority of players and can help you make smart decisions.

The above article has helped newcomers to soccer betting understand the concept What is Handicap betting?. This is a type of bet that is loved by bettors and appears often in the house’s odds table. To increase your chances of winning when placing handicap bets, bettors need to remember the notes mentioned in the article.


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