What is European Handicap? Instructions for Reading 1×2 Odds

European Odds, also known as 1X2 odds, is stirring up the sports betting market with strong attraction. However, many players are still confused in reading and understanding this type of bet. The following article will be a guide to help you conquer European Handicap in the easiest and most effective way.
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Definition of European football odds

In the world of soccer betting, European betting is a familiar name and is among the most popular types of betting today. European Handicap, also known as three-way handicap, covers most tournaments, from big to small, from countries to the world such as: Euro, C1, C2, La Liga, World Cup,… Special points The characteristic of European betting lies in the fact that players only need to predict the final result of the match: win, draw or lose.

Currently, European odds are divided into two main types: first half bets and full-time bets, providing many options for players depending on personal tactics.

With simple but no less attractive rules, European handicap is very suitable for new bettors joining this playground. Players do not need to have a headache analyzing handicaps like other bets and can completely experience betting in a light way.

The standard way to read European odds does not need to be adjusted

To help you more easily access European betting, Jun88 has compiled important information about this playground, ensuring you will be able to participate in betting smoothly in just 5 minutes:

Decoding the European odds symbol system

As introduced above, European bets are often denoted by 1X2, corresponding to 3 specific bets as follows:

  • 1: Symbol for the home team. If you bet on this and the home team wins, you win the bet.
  • X: Represents the final draw result. If you bet on this and the match ends in a draw, you will win the bet.
  • 2: Symbol for the away team. If you bet on this and the away team wins, you will win the bet.

Competition time

When playing European odds, players have the right to choose the following prediction methods:

  • 1H 1X2: 1st half odds. To play 1st half European odds, you bet on the result of the first half of the match.
  • FT 1X2: Bet on the whole match. You will bet on the final result of the match.

European handicap bonus calculation formula

To calculate the European Handicap (1X2 Handicap) correctly, you need to use the following formula:

Bonus = Bet amount * Odds

In there:

  • Bet amount: Is the amount you bet on the hand you choose.
  • Odds: Is the payout rate given by the house for the door you choose.

However, players should note that the odds can be changed by the house, so please monitor regularly to adjust your strategy accordingly. In addition, don’t forget to compare the odds of different bookmakers to make the most optimal choice!

Specific example of European handicap

Let’s say we have a match between Manchester United (home team) and Liverpool (away team). You bet 100,000 VND. The European odds for this match are shown specifically as:

  • 1: 2.00
  • X: 3.50
  • 2: 2.80

At this time, the player will read the odds as follows:

  • Manchester United’s payout ratio is 2.00. Therefore, if you bet on Manchester United and they win, you also win the bet and receive 200,000 VND.
  • The odds for a draw are 3.50. That means if you bet 100,000 VND on X and the match ends in a draw, you will receive 350,000 VND.
  • Finally, if you bet 100,000 VND on Liverpool and they win, congratulations, you will receive 280,000 VND.

Why do you lose when playing European odds? How to fix

The biggest strength of European handicap is that the rules are simple and easy to understand, opening up many winning opportunities for bettors. However, according to the latest survey, the number of European handicap losers is not small. So what is the cause of this situation and how can it be improved?
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1. Lack of knowledge and skills in European betting

This is the most common reason that the betting community is facing, especially the new generation of players. Many players are subjective and do not prepare carefully, lacking knowledge about football teams, leading to making wrong choices when betting on Europe. To fix this, take the time to study the following data:

  • Forces of both teams: Research recent performance, confrontation history, starting lineup, and playing tactics of both teams.
  • Objective factors: Competition location (home/away), weather conditions, player psychology, etc. These factors can directly affect the match results.

In addition, to increase the accuracy of your judgments, bettors can also seek help from experienced betting experts at Jun88 or reliable sources.

2. Mental instability and impatience

Emotions always play an important role in any action and so does European handicap betting. If you want to master this type of bet, keep yourself mentally alert and absolutely do not let outside influences affect your decisions. Below are methods shared by veteran bettors:

  • When you lose a bet: Betting always has an element of chance, so losing a bet is inevitable. At this time, players should stay calm and should not try to withdraw or use personal financial resources to bet.
  • When winning a bet: Many players decide to rush in and ignore the principle of limiting the initial bet capital, leading to a total loss. Therefore, players should exercise restraint to preserve their betting capital.

3. Down payment according to the majority

For newcomers to the soccer betting industry, betting can be challenging. In that context, many people did not hesitate to choose mass betting as a safe solution. However, is this decision really wise? Below are the related consequences:

  • Loss of profit: As an inevitable rule, when too many people bet on the same door, the house will adjust the odds to balance profits. This causes these players to incur lower initial payouts.
  • Becoming passive: Relying on the majority over time can lead to dependent behavior and difficulty making wise decisions in the future.
  • Risk of loss: There are many cases of losing everything due to betting in large numbers. Therefore, players need to be careful.

To become a talented bettor, hone and practice your skills with European odds every day. Jun88 Believe that with your efforts, success will smile one day.


So, playing European handicap is not as complicated as many people think, right? Hopefully this article has provided useful information for you to confidently participate in soccer betting and win at Jun88. Good luck bettors!


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