What is a ¼ Handicap? Standard ¼ Handicap Betting Experience

What is the ¼ handicap that many new players wonder about when starting to bet. In fact, this is a common form in football matches. Together New88 Find out information about this type of bet below to make an opinion. From there, players’ betting will be much more effective.

Introduction What is ¼ handicap?

Football betting has been an effective form of investment and entertainment in recent years. In particular, Handicap is one of the popular types of bets chosen by many bettors. You make an investment and make an assessment based on two choices: the upper team and the lower team. For the underdog team, they need to overcome a certain percentage called the handicap. Including the ¼ handicap with the number of goals to overcome is 0.25 goals.

In terms of nature, the ¼ ratio is a type of bet suitable for many types of players. You can make effective betting decisions without taking too much risk. At the same time, this type of bet also has the outstanding feature that the Odds ratio is at a stable level. Therefore, even new members can easily deposit money and participate in betting. You don’t spend too much capital and it’s still convenient to invest.

Experience investing in ¼ odds in soccer betting

Whether ¼ odds betting is effective or not depends a lot on the bettor’s playing style. Experts have also shared their experiences for you to conveniently grasp and apply to betting. Taking a look at the 4 potential ways to play below, bettors can feel more secure in their reward hunting:

Evaluate and find out information about the match

The ¼ handicap is considered easier than other handicaps. Mainly, players will predict the winning team without paying attention to the goal difference. This also means your choice must be precise. 

To do this, carefully research and evaluate information related to the match. In particular, information such as playing skills, performance of the two teams, etc. must be mentioned. At the same time, bettors need to make statistics and consider related factors on the sidelines. Typical examples include match weather, match scale, strategy and coach personality, etc. From there, evaluate which team can score more goals.

Priority is given to choosing the upper bet in the ¼ bet

One of the factors that makes the ¼ bet attractive is the 0.25 goal difference. With this parameter, the team with the upper hand does not need to overcome any odds. You just need to predict whether the upper or lower team will win. 

However, the nature of the Asian handicap is that the team with the upper handicap has better performance. So at this time, players who choose to bet with the upper hand will have many advantages. It’s also easy for you to earn bonuses because your chances of winning are much higher. Therefore, put down money with the upper bet when you encounter a ¼ rate on the betting table. 

Change the underdog according to the progress of the match

Say that the upper bet has a higher winning potential in the ¼ handicap. This is indeed not wrong, but it is only true if the team with the upper hand keeps their form. If they change their playing style and it’s not as good as before, the possibility of losing is very high. Therefore, bettors need to watch the match carefully to make judgments.
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Make sure that the team with the upper hand is still maintaining an effective playing style. At the same time, maintain a strong defense, not easily conceding a goal during the match. However, if you see that they make many mistakes or the player is negligent in scoring, change your decision. At this time, the underdog has a better advantage so the player can win. 

Judgment based on past matches

Past match developments will be a favorable condition for you to make judgments about the present. This playing style is commented, evaluated and guaranteed by experts for optimal effectiveness. It is important that you find information related to past matches. If the two teams have met in the past, players should watch closely. 

Accordingly, players consider how they played and what their strategy was on the field. Especially evaluating the possibility of winning at the present time and compared to the past. Once they have these basic factors, it is easy for players to make money. Accordingly, the bettor makes a decision about the team’s ability to win at the present time.


The above information has helped you understand clearly what the ¼ handicap is with interesting and attractive things. Grasp it and apply it to your betting game to have the best experience possible. Thereby, players feel more secure during the investment process and conveniently earn bonuses. Understand more What is a 3/4 handicap? will help you be more proactive and accurate every time you bet.


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