Terms to pay attention to in Bull Bull online at 789BET

Bull Bull online casino is an extremely popular betting game at the house 789BET. This is one of the outstanding card games originating from China. Come to 789BET Players will experience an extremely interesting and attractive Bull Bull game with a series of outstanding features. But if you want to play this game better and win faster, you must understand the terms used in online bull bull. So let’s find out what the terms used in this Bull Bull card game mean.

Bull Bull card game

Bull bull online is a game that has a strange appeal to gamers. With simple gameplay and quick rewards, bull bull quickly wins favor with all users.

When playing the online bull bull card game, everyone will feel extremely familiar because it still uses a 52-card deck. With this game, there will need to be at least 2 players to start the game. When dealing cards, each person will be dealt 5 cards, then they will arrange them into 2 hands, one hand 2, one hand 3. The player’s score will be calculated by the total score of the 5 cards. The player with the highest score will win and money will be added to the account thanks to the house’s automatic system.

Some terms when playing online bull bull casino

When playing Bull Bull casino online, players need to have knowledge and understand the terms used by this game. Because if they know their meaning, everyone will have extremely correct and accurate moves that will bring high winning results.
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  • Bull: this is the term used to refer to the first 3 cards with a total score that is a multiple of 10. If the bull has a value greater than 10, only the unit part is counted.
  • Bull bull: this term means that the first 3 cards are multiples of 10 and the next 2 cards are also multiples of 10.
  • Four of a Kind: no different from other folk card games, Four of a Kind is also a term used to refer to 4 cards of equal value.
  • Bull 1: means the total of your first 3 cards is worth 10 and the next 2 cards can be 1 or 11
  • Bull 2: means your 3 cards have a value of 10, the next 2 cards have 1 card of 2 and 1 card of 12
  • Bull 3: The first 3 cards have a value of 10, the next 2 cards can be 3 or 13
  • Bull 4: the total value of the first 3 cards is 10, the remaining 2 cards 1 card can be 4 or 14
  • Bull 5: total score of 3 cards is 5, the next 2 cards can be 5 or 15
  • Bull 6: the total score of the first 3 cards is 10, the next 2 cards are 6, one card is 16
  • Bull 7: that is when the total score of the first 3 cards is q0 and the 2 cards after 1 card are 7 and 1 card is 17
  • Bull 8: means the total value of 3 cards is 10, 2 cards after 1 card are 8, 1 card is 18
  • Bull 9: similar to the above, the total of 3 cards is 9 and the following 2 cards are 9 or 19
  • No bull: this means the player’s total of 2 cards or total of 3 cards in no case equals 10, meaning you have no Bull
  • 5 gong: that is, if you hold 5 cards with values ​​J, Q, K, regardless of quality, you will be the winner of 5 Gong.


So in this Bull Bull card game article, we have introduced to you some of the most commonly used terms in the online Bull Bull casino card game at 789BET. If you find this game interesting and interesting, go for it  789BET right to your device so you can have fun whenever you want.


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