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Lien Quan betting is a form of betting on the results of Lien Quan matches. This activity is increasingly popular, attracting a large number of participants, especially young people. Hi88’s article below will give you an objective view of this type.

Lien Quan Mobile game mechanism

When participating cá cược liên quân Mobile, you will have the opportunity to connect with many other gamers because this is a famous game. To participate in betting, you need to understand the following rules:

  • The match begins: The two teams will compete against each other.
  • Choose generals and upgrade: Each team will choose generals, buy costumes and weapons, and upgrade them to enhance their fighting ability.
  • Performing the mission: Players will control generals to destroy enemy generals and destroy the opponent’s base to win.

Lien Quan betting rules

Rules Lien Quan betting Mobile is similar to other games with some key points as follows:

  • The time of each match is clearly determined and only when the match is completely finished will it be considered valid.
  • Bet tickets are only confirmed valid when the system completes this process, these tickets after the bet opening time will not be accepted.
  • If the match does not continue after 12 hours, bets will be void and all bets will be refunded.
  • Money will be refunded if the ticket is canceled due to any objective reason.

Master the betting rules

Lien Quan betting types are available at Hi88

Hi88 offers many diverse and attractive bets for players. Each type has its own characteristics and prediction methods.

Lien Quan handicap bet

Lien Quan Handicap brings fairness and excitement to players. By applying handicap betting rules, the match becomes more attractive and the chances of winning are more balanced.

Network handicap betting

When a team achieves the first 5, 10, 15 or 20 kills, the betting results will be calculated according to the corresponding handicap. If no team reaches this number of lives, bets will be canceled and refunds will be given.

Handicap betting

When a team breaks the first or second, third, then fourth, fifth tower, bet Lien Quan betting At that time, the handicap will be calculated to determine the result. This helps increase competition in the match.

Odds accept the Dragon

Similarly, when a team defeats Dragon first, second, third or fourth, the bet result will be determined by handicap. If no team defeats the Dragon, bets will be void and refunds will be given.

Lien Quan betting Over/Under odds

This bet is one of the most popular types of bets in the world Lien Quan betting. Players will predict the total match statistics and bet on whether the actual result will be higher or lower than that number.

Number of minutes

Total match time is calculated in minutes. If the time is shorter than predicted, the “Under” bet wins, if it is longer then the “Over” bet wins.

Total number of pillars

The player predicts the total number of towers that will fall during the match. If the extra number broken is less than predicted, the “Under” bet wins, if it is more, the “Over” bet wins.

Analyze Over/Under odds for matches

Total Dragons in 20 minutes

Number of Dragons defeated in the first 20 minutes of the match. If the number of Dragons is less than predicted, the “Under” bet wins, if it is more, the “Over” bet wins.

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Moneyline Betting

This type of bet is popular and easy to understand, suitable for both new and experienced players. Players just need to predict which team will win or lose without paying attention to the score. This type is simple, does not require much data analysis, and is suitable for beginners.

Bet on the champion team

Odds type Lien Quan betting This appears in major tournaments. Players will predict which team will win the championship trophy. Accurate predictions will help you receive rewards from the house. This is a type of bet with an attractive win rate, especially for teams that are less highly rated.

Top 05 unbeaten Lien Quan betting experiences

To conquer the competitive market requires you to possess more in-depth techniques than conventional advice.

Meta analysis and prediction

Take the time to research the current meta including strong champions, popular playstyles, and item changes. Accurately predicting the meta will help you make betting choices Lien Quan betting insight.

Analyze performance

The performance of teams and players is an important factor to consider. Follow recent matches, evaluate the performance of each team and player and compare with opponents.

Predict match results

Choose a reasonable bet

There are many types of bets Lien Quan betting And each type has its own reward rate and risk level. Choose bets that suit your analytical ability and risk tolerance. For example, if you are just starting out, choose simple bets like Over/Under.


With detailed information about mechanisms, rules and types Lien Quan betting, hope that you will have more knowledge to participate in betting effectively. Join Hi88 now to experience a great betting space.


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