Immerse Yourself With Extremely Attractive House Odds At Okvip Playground

Extremely attractive house odds at OKVIP playground will bring you interesting betting products and many dramatic matches. Follow the article below to better understand this sports category!

Highlights when participating in bookmaker Okvip bets

With the house bet, you will experience a classy sports betting space with the following highlights:

Attractive odds

Okvip is proud to offer players the most competitive odds on the market, helping you optimize profits and increase your chances of receiving huge rewards, specifically as follows:

  • Asian Handicap: In a football match between Man United and Liverpool, the bookmaker can give the odds that Man United handicaps Liverpool by 0.5 goals. If you bet on Man United and they win by at least 1 goal difference, you will win.
  • European Handicap: In the basketball match between Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, Okvip can give odds for Golden State Warriors to win at 1.5, odds for Los Angeles Lakers to win at 2.5 and odds for The draw result is 3.0. If you bet on the Golden State Warriors and they win, you will receive 1.5 times your original bet.

Modern betting

Okvip is proud to bring players a modern, classy bookie betting experience with outstanding advantages such as:

  • The house has an eye-catching website interface that is easy to use and optimized for all access devices. 
  • The betting system is smooth and fast, providing a professional and convenient betting experience.
  • This is a reputable bookmaker, operating legally, licensed by an international betting organization. All betting activities at Okvip take place transparently and fairly.

Fast reward system

Okvip is proud to provide players with a fast, accurate and safe payout system, ensuring you receive your winnings as quickly as possible. Typically, the system processes deposit/withdrawal transactions quickly, taking only a few minutes to complete. You can receive your winnings immediately after winning.

Attractive promotions

Below are some typical promotions at Okvip:

  • Welcome promotion: Receive a 100% bonus up to 2 million VND when registering a new account and making your first deposit.
  • Deposit promotions: Receive additional bonuses when depositing money into your account with different rates depending on each promotion.
  • Refund promotion: Refund a portion of lost bets every day or every week with attractive refund rates.
  • Promotions by game: Join promoted betting games to receive extra bonuses, free spins, free bet tickets, etc.
  • Event promotions: Participate in special promotions held on holidays, sporting events, etc.

Summary of attractive bookmaker odds at Okvip

The information section below will clarify the types more clearly house bet Attractive features available at bookmaker Okvip:

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap, also known as Asian handicap, is a popular form of soccer betting in which teams are handicapped at a certain rate before the match starts. This handicap is expressed as a decimal quotient or number of goals.

European Odds

European Handicap, also known as 3-way odds, is a popular form of soccer betting in which players bet on the outcome of the match, including a win, draw or loss of either team.

Over/under odds

Over/Under betting, also known as Over/Under betting, is a popular form of soccer betting in which players predict the total number of goals in a match will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than with the fixed rate previously offered by the bookmaker.

Process of participating in house bets at Okvip

If you are a sports betting enthusiast, please immediately refer to the process of participating in house bets, specifically as follows:

Create an Okvip account

Below are the steps to create an account at the house:

  • Visit the bookmaker’s official website
  • Click the “Register” button
  • Enter personal information
  • Agree to Terms
  • Click the “Register” button
  • Verify account

Deposit money into your account

Deposit money into your game account quickly and safely, specifically below are the deposit instructions:

  • Select “Deposit”
  • Choose a deposit method
  • Enter deposit information
  • Confirm deposit

Participate in betting

After completing the basic steps above, you now need to find the Sports category and click select. The screen will display a series of matches as well as different house odds allowing you to choose and participate immediately.


Above is all the information about house bets at Okvip – The betting section that many people love and are most interested in. Hope you will have great experiences when participating here!


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