How Much Money Can You Make By Winzo?

Launch the WinZO app and choose the “Spin the Wheel” option to start the wheel. A screen allowing you to spin the wheel will then appear. Once you have spun the wheel, your reward amount will appear on the screen. So how much money can you make by Winzo?

Take Your Winnings Back 

To withdraw your earnings, just choose the “Withdraw” option on the WinZO app. After that, a page will appear where you may input information about your bank account. Your rewards will be deposited into your account within a day of entering your bank account information. You may also utilize the various UPI techniques; all of your transactions are safe and secure with WinZO.

One excellent technique to get free money to play additional games on WinZO is to spin the wheel on WinZO. Thus, why do you delay? Go ahead and download the WinZO app and begin spinning the wheel!

Advice for Huge Spin The Wheel Wins: 

  • As many times as you can, spin the wheel. Your odds of winning increase with the number of spins you make.
  • Get your pals to join you in WinZO. You will get more spins after your friends register and begin playing.
  • Watch for noteworthy occasions. WinZO often hosts exclusive events where players may win prizes and additional spins.
  • You can win a lot of money on the WinZO Spin the Wheel with a little bit of luck and intelligent spinning!

WinZO was one such startup that profited from the financing boom; towards the close of FY21, the company secured a $65 million round headed by Gryphon Gaming Partners.

Withdrawing Cash: An Evaluation of Winzo 

Now, you may choose the withdrawal option you want to use (bank transfer or simple withdrawal using an ATM). Once you complete the transaction and enter the withdrawal amount, your wins will be instantly paid to your connected bank account or WinZO wallet.

Users’ comments are as follows: “Withdrawing my winnings from WinZO is a simple and easy procedure! I sign in, go to the wallet, and choose the withdrawal method I want to use—direct bank transfer, Paytm, or UPI. Not only is it really handy, but the best thing about it? The money is sent right away to my bank account or WinZO wallet. Quick and hassle-free!

Amounts Affecting Profits:

Choose a Game:

The WinZO App offers a wide variety of activities, and the games available may have a big impact on possible revenue. Some games are more rewarding or have faster gameplay, which might affect a player’s chances of hitting the ₹500 goal.

Proficiency Level:

Every game on WinZO is skill-based and requires careful planning. Earnings in these games are directly impacted by skill level. One’s ability to earn may be improved with consistent practice and skill development.

Taking Part in Competitions:

WinZO offers an extensive selection of tournaments with substantial cash prizes. Participating actively in these activities may significantly increase daily earnings, which may help you exceed the ₹500 target.

Referral Initiatives:

Winzo offers referral schemes that allow users to be paid to refer new customers. Making use of this function may provide a steady source of extra revenue that adds to everyday profits.

Practical Prognosis:

On the Winzo App, it is possible to earn ₹500 per day, but reasonable expectations are important. A systematic approach to games, skill development, and commitment are necessary for success. Additionally, player luck and the competitive aspect of certain games must be taken into account.


In conclusion, it is possible to make ₹500 a day using the Winzo app, depending on a number of variables such as the games you choose, your skill level, whether you play tournaments, and how much time you dedicate to them. Users who are dedicated to improving their gaming abilities and taking advantage of Winzo’s many options can achieve this daily earning milestone.


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