How Cricket Betting is Done by Melbet App Users in Bangladesh

Among all sports, cricket is a particular favourite among users of the Melbet BD betting site. Millions of spectators every day watch matches on this team discipline both at the regional and international level, as the competition takes place all year round. In this article, we will look at the main features of cricket betting, its most popular markets and formats for making predictions.

Bid Destinations

Like any sport, cricket has its own rules and nuances. After registering on the Melbet website, you will appreciate the variety of markets and formats within which you can make a prediction on almost any match. Let’s take a look at them.

Match Outcome

A classic betting format where you need to correctly identify the favourite within an event. The prediction can be made as a pre-match – on the eve of the event itself, or as a futures – on the leader of the entire league. For the latter there are high odds, but you will have to be patient. The peculiarity of cricket is that the competition does not always have a clear winner. The situation with a draw is rarer than in football matches. But when analysing the odds, you need to take this nuance into account when making a prediction.

Double Chance

This direction is similar to the outcome betting, but gives the Mel bet user the opportunity to make two predictions at once within the same coupon with different odds. For example, that one of the teams will not be the underdog, or that there will be no draw.

Betting on a Handicap

This unique market provides an opportunity to determine how much of an advantage a team will win, or how big the points difference will be. This format is particularly popular for Test cricket matches where strong teams meet and do not give each other a head start.


In this case, the prediction will be linked to a specific total, reflecting certain elements of the match, both for its entire duration and for an individual segment. Totals can apply to the results of the whole team, as well as the individual athlete. Within the format it can be bets on the number of runs after 5, 10, 15 overs, as well as any other parameters.

Athlete Statistics

This market is more of an exclusive market as it only covers popular teams in international cricket leagues. In this case, you are betting on the personal achievements of specific athletes. In this case, you are betting on the personal achievements of specific athletes, and the numbers of runs or 6-pointers scored, as well as different titles at the end of the match.

Factors Influencing the Result

Knowing how to read the odds correctly helps Melbet users make correct predictions and profit from their bets, thanks to a well-formed strategy. But along with them, other important factors can affect the results of a match, which we will discuss below.

Results of the Draw

The toss in cricket determines which team goes on the offence first. It is usually determined by the flip of a coin. Surprisingly, one simple action is often decisive in the future outcome of a match. The change of part of the pitch only takes place after 80 overs. This factor is extremely important because initially it is easier for the batsman to hit the ball after bouncing off the initial condition the pitch is in. This advantage gives the attacking team more power and motivation to win. Many professional bettors within the Mel bet website prefer live betting on live streams, as they can make quick predictions immediately after the toss.


Cricket matches are traditionally played in open grounds and stadiums. The weather conditions during a match are therefore one of the main factors in determining the outcome. Test matches tend to be longer in duration. Therefore, if there is precipitation during the process, make sure you take this fact into account when forming your forecast. Such conditions can affect the endurance of athletes, especially for those teams that are used to training in more stable conditions. Prolonged rain also increases injury risks, which can affect the balance of power on the field and the athletes’ motivation to win. Strong gusts of wind are equally dangerous, as they can change the trajectory of the ball, even with accurate passes, and reduce the coordination of athletes on the field. And strong heat and blinding sunshine significantly reduce coordination. Be sure to pay attention to these factors before making a prediction in the Melbet catalogue.

Field Condition

Different teams train in different conditions. That is why it is generally accepted that the “guests” always perform worse than the “hosts” of a match. But to a large extent, the results will also depend on the infrastructure in which the competitions are organised. In particular, the type of surface at the stadiums, which can be different depending on the location. Some organisers hold matches on an earthen surface, others – on lawns of different lengths. The level of pitch maintenance will affect not only the productivity of the teams and their comfort during the performance, but also not safety. Also, depending on the type of surface, the speed of the ball hitting the boundaries of the pitch will also change. In more stable conditions, it will be easier for the batsman to make a decent impact due to better cushioning.

Team and Athlete Uniforms

If you have just registered with Mel bet and are about to start your cricket betting journey, we recommend that you choose a few specific teams and follow not only their training process, but also the dynamics of the athletes’ performance in different contexts. Analyse how the team navigates ‘away’ stadiums and adapts to different environments. It is important to consider how victories and defeats affect athletes’ moods and motivation, as well as how the balance of power changes after substitutions and performances in different combinations.

Equally important is the personal lives of the athletes themselves. Study news bulletins, follow the physical condition of team members and change your predictions about different situations.


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