From A – Z Instructions for Playing Lottery for Beginners

TheseInstructions for playing lottery for newbiesdetails jun88 The following sharing will help newbies be more confident when looking at the lottery, find out the secrets to winning the lottery, and win big money from the house.

When did lottery begin?

Before going into the guide to playing lottery for beginners, let’s briefly learn about the history of formation and development of this interesting lottery subject. In fact, lottery is a variation of lottery. Playing lottery will be based on odds, you will predict the numbers in the lottery drawing, if you win you will win money, if you lose you will lose your original bet.

Lottery Construction appeared in Vietnam in the 90s of the twentieth century. Only a short time later, the lottery was born. However, unlike state-recognized lotteries, lotteries are not recognized and are considered illegal.

However, despite the regulations, more and more people are participating in playing lottery in the hope of changing their lives. In fact, the number of people who get rich from lottery is not rare, but debt due to lottery is not rare either.

The most detailed and complete guide to playing lottery for beginners

For those who are practicing and want to start learning how to play lottery, they need to understand the game rules and betting odds of each locality, region, or place where they live.

Instructions on how to bet for beginners

A form of betting that appeared very early was betting. Basic forms of betting include:

  • Bet on the last 2 numbers of the special prize of the lottery results: the normal odds are 1: 70 or 1: 80. For example, if you bet 10,000 VND and guess the last 2 numbers of the special prize, you will bet twice. The turn receives 700 thousand or 800 thousand depending on the betting odds as mentioned above. Regarding instructions for playing lottery for newbies, it is best to bet on 2 last numbers to win the most easily.
  • Betting with 3 last numbers: Also known as betting with 3 digits. The odds of this form of betting are very high, about 1:960. For example, if you correctly guess the last 3 numbers of the lottery special prize, you bet 1 million VND. If you win, you will receive 960 million VND. However, winning number 3 is even more difficult.
  • Bet on the first prize: This bet predicts the last 2 numbers of the first prize with odds of 1:99.
  • Instructions for playing lottery for beginners, you should learn how to play the lottery from beginning to end. Because this form gives a very high chance of winning, the betting ratio is 1:98. Regarding the first bet, you choose to play the first number 3 with 10 thousand VND. If in the special prize the number 3 appears in the tens place (for example 56734), you will win 980 thousand VND.

If you bet on the last number, you choose the last number 5, with 10 thousand VND, similarly if the special prize number is 5 (for example 46785), you will also win the prize with 980 thousand VND.

Instructions for playing lottery for beginners

Instructions for playing lottery for newbies, playing lottery is a popular form and the winning rate is much higher than playing lottery. Playing lottery means you guess the last 2 numbers of 7 prizes (including 27 pairs of numbers). There are many ways to play lottery that newbies need to know to easily win big:

A common and popular way to play lotteries

The normal lottery odds are 23:80. Accordingly, if you bet 1 lot point (equivalent to 23 thousand VND) on a number with 2 digits from 00 – 99, if you win, you will receive a prize of 80 thousand VND.

How to play 3-number lottery

Instructions for playing lottery for newbies, how to play 3-number lottery is a form you should also know. With this way of playing, players will predict the last 3 numbers out of a total of 23 prizes with 3 or more numbers. If you bet 1 point on the 3-number lottery and win, you will receive 960 thousand VND. So the odds are 23:960. Of course, winning the prize is not easy.
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How to play 4-number lottery for beginners

Similar to playing lot 3, you need to predict the last 4 numbers out of a total of 20 prizes with 4 or more numbers in the lottery draws. If you win 1 lottery point with 4 numbers, you will receive 8,880 million VND. The betting odds are 23:880.

How to play lottery numbers 2 and 3

Next, we will guide you on how to play lottery for newbies with how to play 2-way lottery and 3-way lottery.

  • With 2-way lottery, you will predict the last 2 numbers of the lottery prizes, the winning ratio is 1:16. For example, you simultaneously bet 2 numbers 34, 56 for 10 thousand VND. If the lottery results show both numbers at the same time, you will receive 160,000 VND.
  • With 3-way lottery, you predict the final 3 numbers for all lottery prizes. Odds up to 1:65.

For example, if you simultaneously guess 45, 78, 96 with 10 thousand VND and the lottery prize is all 3 numbers, you will receive 650 thousand VND.

Above, Jun88 has shared instructions on how to play lottery for beginners, helping you win big prizes right from the first time you play. If you find it useful, don’t forget to share the article with many others!


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